NŌTO, the leading pharmacy CBD brand.

CBD and pharmacy

In just a few months, NŌTO has become one of the leading CBD brands sold in pharmacies.
Three hundred and fifty pharmacies in France sell NŌTO products and the craze for NŌTO's CBD oils and CBD gummies continues to grow.
Many pharmacies are asking us to sell our range. Customers are increasingly attracted to CBD and its benefits, especially our brand.
A solicitation that proves the quality of NŌTO products.

CBD, the healthy and effective solution to many ailments.

Mentalities have changed in recent years. People no longer want to systematically resort to medicinal solutions to treat their ailments.
A return to nature, to the essential, to well-being via plants. CBD has been used successfully for many years in other countries.
And in France, for the past few months, many people have also wanted to discover the benefits of this molecule from hemp.

And why choose NŌTO?

The reasons are many. On the one hand, we use organic, vegan and gluten-free CBD for our NŌTO oils and gummies.
There is no added sugar and the brand is 100% French. On the other hand, NŌTO guarantees the traceability and transparency of all its products.

Everyone who has used our CBD from NŌTO has recommended it to their friends and family.
This trusted mark is proof that our products provide a lot of benefit.

NŌTO doesn't just drop its products into pharmacies, with the onus on the pharmacies to sell NŌTO as a CBD brand, without any explanation, a new product that is becoming increasingly attractive.

NOTO_Pharmacy presentation

NŌTO provides training and follow-up

For pharmacies to sell CBD NŌTO, it requires a whole process of quality and know-how, from implementation to sale.
NŌTO is the solution to relieve many pathologies.
This requires a whole upstream and downstream work. Training within pharmacies is essential to answer all the questions that customers may legitimately have about CBD, its benefits and NŌTO products.

Joining the CBD NŌTO sales network:

You are convinced by the benefits of NŌTO products. So, just one question. You are a pharmacist and do not yet belong to the NŌTO CBD sales network. What are you waiting for to join us?