Focus on Quality

One of NŌTO's strengths lies in the rigorous selection of ingredients, combining what nature provides us with meticulous craftsmanship toward the perfect blend, organic and THC-free. The aim of NŌTO is to promote the development of complex formulas, using only natural ingredients. The hemp from which our organic CBD is extracted is cultivated in a natural way, without chemical or toxic additives. NŌTO is committed to harnessing the power of its ingredients, selected responsibly and solely focused on your wellness. We strive for excellence by exceeding quality standards in order to offer you the best product, starting with our CBD Oil and CBD Gummies.

CBD chosen for its traceability and purity

The selection of CBD is one of the most complex phases because each manufacturer prides itself on having the best product, grown naturally and without THC. We therefore had to be very careful in our choice. After a few months of research, we found a company driven by the same priorities as NŌTO : quality and transparency.

We chose this supplier because it allowed us to know all the steps of the manufacturing of our organic CBD, from the cultivation of hemp to the finished product. We have partnered with one of the most reliable suppliers in France and Europe, Spectrums Europe, who grows their hemp organically, providing us with third party testing and quality assurance so that we can be certain of the quality of the products we make from their CBD.

The Noto CBD brand
The brand NOTO CBD Oils


The ambition of NŌTO is to launch new, innovative and quality products containing CBD and other cannabinoids.

From CBD oils, to beverages to cosmetics, NŌTO will ensure exceptional quality on all future ranges by maintaining the excellent ingredients and standards of its guaranteed and controlled THC-free products.
We also have a dedicated page for pharmacies interested in CBD.